Tuesday 1 January 2013

ROT IN bits and pieces

I've picked up a few Rot In Hell odds and ends recently, spread across a number of analogue formats so thought I'd throw them altogether here. First up, I grabbed a red copy of the split with Vegas (or VVegas if you are kvlt), completing the set on that one. Excluding a test press, although I do have my eye on one of them. This red one is out of 200. A more detailed look at the innards of this record can be found here

Yellow/300, Red/200 and the black is the Organized Crime Halloween exclusive, numbered out of 165.

When I ordered the red directly from the band, Mike was cool enough to throw this in: a 3inch CD that you could originally only get if you ordered the Iron Column / Rot In Hell skateboard deck. It features a cover of an Ides Of Gemini (EDIT: no it isn't, it's a Theatre Of Hate/Spear of Destiny cover, I'm an idiot and was rightfully reminded of such below) song, sealed with a process octopus wax stamp. Mines staying sealed, but the song is great; carried out in the bands acoustic style with POI on vocals.

When I went down to the Carry The Weight Records Fest in November last year, Rot In Hell played and had with them a set of 13 cassette tapes, only avaliable at this show and featuring unreleased tracks. 13 is a ludicrously small number and I was pretty sure I wouldn't get one. Thankfully, not as many people at the show are as cool as me and I snapped one up without any issue. They were sold out of an Adidas shoebox, with a sign on a bit of cardboard saying that they weren't 'on sale to dickheads'. Turns out, I'm not a dickhead. Look, ma.

Finally, the newly releasesed Termini Terrae 7", on a resurrected record label and with a rejuvenated Rot In Hell line-up following a bit of inner turmoil. Any doubters will rightfully be knocked into line, as this is an absalute belter. Released by Dark Empire (originally ran by Dwid in the 90's, now brought back from the dead and ran by his son Max) this is on white and blue, both out of 100. Both sold out at pre-order stage but since that it's also become avaliable on red and black too. I never thought I had much of an audiophile's ear and don't usually pick out the subtle differences between digital and vinyl but after listening to this for weeks and weeks on mp3, finally putting this 7" on revealed all kinds of nuances and detail in the production.

Free red smudge



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  1. Aria Of The Devil is a Theatre Of Hate/Spear Of Destiny cover.