Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cease To Exist 7"

A recent joint release by Hemlock 13 and Feast Of Tentacles - the debut vinyl appearance of UK band Cease To Exist. The first thing I need to mention is the party-bag levels of STUFF that came inside the mailer

Sticker, patches, flyers, kitchen sinks, it's all in there. Lovely. Which is not a word that can be used to describe Cease To Exist, and I mean that in a very good way. They're as grim as it gets, raw and nasty. Redlining guitars, insane death metal vocals and a knack for ripping through fast hardcore stomps switching straight into ultra slow death jams. Yeah, I was pretty impressed. The last track of side 2 is awesome, a pounding sludge crawl fading out with feedback screeches and fucked up chanting. Wow. In the space of a few minutes they make one fuck of an impression.

Pretty low amount of these pressed, all on black. I think it was around 300. Hemlock had 135 copies for sale which came stamped and numbered inside the sleeve

Sweet sixteen. Great center labels too

And if you were paying attention in HC History class, you should have no trouble spotting the two labels nodded to in these two stickers

Copies still on sale at H13 and FOT

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Guilty 7"

I have a tendency of buying a release by a band I've never heard of based purely on hearing good things or what record label it comes out on. Nothing new among record collectors / music lovers there but it can be a gamble. Sometimes, I'll stumble across one of the best things I've heard in ages. Other times, not so much.
This 7" by Swedish band Guilty was put out a few weeks back by Carry The Weight. Which is the sole reason I clicked Add To Cart. But whaddaya know? Turns out its great.

This was a joint release spread across 3 labels, with a 1000 pressed in total split between 3 colours and plain ol' black. CTW here in the UK had an exclusive orange/black/all sorts splatter out of 300, Green Menace had 300 on blue/ white swirl and Six Feet Under had 300 of another colour (unsure what) with it rounded up to a clean G with 100 black. NUMBERS. I kept it simple, and just ordered from CTW the one that looks like a tiger.

ctw019, in case you were wondering.

I was really happy with this. Pleasantly surprised (Not that I should have been surprised with CTW. Have you SEEN what they recently did with the Wayfarer box set?!) with the package, the color and the band. Think hardcore/thrash hybrid, if you like anything like that or stuff with epic solo's and sweeping acoustic lead outs with wailing guitars then you'll dig this. They do nothing new, but they does it good. There are still copies left literally all over the world.