Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Inherit - Self Titled 7" on red /100

A couple of weekends ago I was hanging out with an old friend (old as in, 'we go way back' and not old as in, 'he's 78 and we just have a lot in common') and aside from him trying to convince me that Integrity have been shit since 1995 and are big on the homosexual scene because he once saw two men kissing in a club and one was wearing an Integrity t-shirt, he strongly recommended I check a new UK Straight Edge band called Inherit.

Some Google action led me to Netherlands-based Reflections Records who have just released their debut 7" (Reflections funnily enough the same label that put out the above mentioned friend's band's 2nd LP last year).The first 100 copies come on a limited clear red vinyl, so I got my order in. It's a great little package too, the whole thing comes in a bag with the band name stuck on it:

Lyrics and what-not on a slip of card, and the sleeve opens up to show off the great artwork.

I took a punt on this by ordering it without hearing a note, but my God am I pleased I ordered it. I was blown away. Hard as nails thrash influenced hardcore, tight songs, incredible solo's and great lyrics with an intelligently subtle straight edge angle. And the vocals are the icing on the angry cake. His pronunciations, pacing and style standout from the usual crowd of grunts and screams. There's nothing wrong with that crowd, but hearing something quite fresh is excellent. Putting this on, it was like they knew exactly what i wanted to hear. Easily the best 5 Euros I've ever spent and I heavily recommend this to anyone reading this blog. You can buy it here, they've still got red copies left.

And I'll even embed a song for you here to listen to.

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