Saturday, 28 April 2012

Collecting The Wonder Years - part 2. Leavenhouse 11:30 7"

The first 2 posts in this series logging me building a Wonder Years collection were simple to get hold of. Bought whilst still in print, from a webstore. This 7" marks the first of many that I'm going to have to fight other Wonder  Years fans to get hold of unless some private sale opportunity comes along.

The Leavenhouse 11:30 7" was only available as part of a pre-order package for The Upsides 1st press on No Sleep Records. 492 of these pressed (8 were rejected with screen print defects). The A side contains the song, the B side an incredible looking screen print. It looks amazing, almost like its been hand painted on.

Not much to look at from the outside, no actual sleeve to this. Just a dust jacket and a protective plastic SHEATH.

This surfaced on Ebay UK, which was kinda surprising as there is a serious imbalance between UK and Ebay US when it comes to The Wonder Years, especially rarities. I genuinely didn't think I'd win this to be honest, it's the first Wonder Years rarity I'd perused and despite looking on Popsike I wasn't too sure how it would go. It reached a total number of 15 bids, 4 from me and the rest from four other dudes. £16.08 won it for me in the end (I put £20 on) with me being £1.08 ahead.

In related TWY collecting news, I achieved my little target-within-a-target today of landing all of the LP's. I wanted to get these locked down before I go throwing my money all over the internet in the pursuit of the rest. All I need now is for it to arrive from Houston,Texas and land safely in Merry Olde. More on that next time.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7" on pink

Browsing on Bandcamp a few weeks ago I noticed the page for a fairly new band I've been hearing a lot about, Code Orange Kids.
Now I'm not sure what it is exactly, but when I hear great thing after great thing about a new band I've not heard anything by I sometimes just shut off to all the noise. Could be I feel that all the excitement of discovery has been taken out of it. I'ts been drummed into me that they're great ; what more is there to know. Everyone already seems to love it, I'll just move on. Or it could be that I'm just being a miserable fucker.
But anyway, seeing as it required a mere 2 clicks from my finger, I listened to their EP Cycles. And then did so again. And again. And then I paid $5 for a download of it. And then kept listening to it until I tracked down a copy of the 7" and bought that too. Released on Mayfly, pressed on pink and limited to 400.

The first press is all sold out and Mayfly has launched a 2nd press, so it seems like they're doing pretty good. Well deserved too, this EP is phenomenal. So good I bought it twice within an hour. Here in England, for that kind of money I could've bought 240 PG Tips Pyramind tea-bags.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Collecting The Wonder Years - part 1. The Upsides 2nd press, purple /500 & discography pressing info

This is the 2nd press of The Wonder Years' 2nd LP, and their first to get a vinyl release. The Upsides is completely untouchable. This press handled by Run For Cover Records and was put out last year. It differs from the 1st press with different artwork and its housed in a gate fold sleeve which is the reason I'm after this and a 1st press to hit the target. Wasn't too difficult getting hold of it, though the UK distro I got it from is now out of stock of all colours. I ordered a brown, the only one they had, but was e-mailed asking if a purple was ok as the browns were all gone.  RFC still has some and there's probably a few dotted around various places. 2000 pressed in total across 4 colours: brown, purple, clear and yellow.

I'm yet to hold a 1st press in my hands (edit: got one now), but this 2nd press is pretty impressive. Nice marbling on the record itself as well. To be honest, I prefer this cover art. 
So a relatively simple first addition, the next TWY post will  feature something a bit rarer that I had to work a bit harder  spend a lot more to get. 
Right, if the thought of reading a fuck load of pressing info for TWY discography  fills you with boredom, I'd look away now. This is here first and foremost for my reference. A place where all the info from multiple websites is all in one relevant place. Maybe it will aid other collectors too. If I'm wrong on any of it or missing any of it (tests etc) , please help me out and comment.
Some of those subscription 7"s are going to be a challenge.

Won't Be Pathetic Forever - 7" EP
1st Press
No Sleep Records   - 2008    
(Each with a color coordinated screened jacket)
20 Test Pressing (Black)
100 Purple
200 Brown
200 Orange
30 Record Release (10 Purple/10 Brown/10 Orange - Arigato Pack)
30 Cornerstone (10 Purple/10 Brown/10 Orange - Arigato Pack)

2nd Press 

No Sleep Records - 2008
(Jackets were misprinted and say FRONT on the cover)
1000 Black

3rd Press

No Sleep Records - 2010
500 Purple/Yellow Marble
500 Orange/White Marble

split with All Or Nothing titled Distances - 7"
No Sleep Records - 2009
20 Test Pressing (Black)
300 White w/ Blue/Red Splatter 300 White w/ Red Splatter
400 Clear Blue

split with Fallen From The Sky - Under The Influence Vol. 13 7"
Suburban Home Records - 2009
300 transparent brown (whiskey coke colored)

700 transparent blue vinyl.

The Upsides - 12" LP
1st press
No Sleep Records  - 2010        
20 Test Pressing (Black)
150 Record Release (Black Vinyl, 30 records for each of the 5 record release shows with different spray painted dust sleeves for each city)
200 Blue
300 Orange GOT THIS ONE!
400 White (Hot Topic Exclusive)
450 Black

2nd press
Run For Cover Records - 2011

500 Purple GOT THIS ONE!
500 Brown
500 Clear
500 Yellow

Leavenhouse - The Upsides 1st press pre-order exclusive one sided screen print 7"
No Sleep Records - 2010
20 Test Pressing (Black)
50 Purple Screen Print (Friends Press)
492 Grey Screen Print GOT THIS ONE!
8 Grey Screen Print Rejects

split with Heroes For Hire 7" - Australian release only coinciding with 1st Australian Tour
Boomtown Records - 2010
Half Green / Half White
Half Red / Half White
Half Green / Half Yellow

Suburbia: I've Given You All And Now I'm Nothing - 12" LP
No Sleep Records - 2011
20 Test Pressing (Black)
500 Orange/Gray GOT THIS ONE!
500 Baby Blue
500 Gray
600 Orange (Hot Topic Exclusive)
1000 Black

Don't Let Me Cave In - Suburbia... CD pre-order exclusive 7"
Hopeless Records - 2011
500 grey marble

Don't Let Me Cave In - No Sleep Records subscriber exclusive 7"
No Sleep Records 2011
35 pressed, black, hand numbered

Came Out Swinging - Alternative Press Magazine 2011 Subscription Exclusive 7" 
250 Green

split with Stay Ahead Of The Weather - 7"
Hopeless records - 2012
200 Black
300 Half Clear Half Black GOT THIS ONE!
500 Clear w/ Black Splatter

Friday, 13 April 2012

Collecting The Wonder Years - Introduction & Suburbia 1st press orange & grey /500

It's time for a new crusade.

It's been a while since I feel like I've concentrated on a particular band and put a lot of effort into hunting down and completing their discography. I've decided I'm going to do exactly that with The Wonder Years. Introduced to them by various members of Birmingham's Best Band, they've been a favorite of mine for a couple of years but I only own one LP on actual vinyl. My iPod is full of their songs, but my record shelves are seriously lacking in Soupy and co. Listening to them the other day I thought "this is a madness, and I must change it".

In my opinion, TWY, along with bands like Iron Chic, Such Gold  and The Story So Far sum up just about everything that's been right about pop-punk in the last few years. The resurgence of late has seen some incredible bands come about. I didn't consider it a genre that I could ever give a fuck about again, but I've been proven so wrong.

So the hunt begins. The one release I do have is this one: Suburbia I Have Given You All And Now I Am Nothing.

The orange/grey split 1st press of their 3rd LP released by No Sleep Records last year and limited to 500. I had no problems bagging one of these, I was waiting in line at pre-order stage when it was announced. I've got a couple of TWY records on the way in the post, a couple of records from later presses that were easy to round up and ill post about them when they arrive. But it gets a little trickier from here on out.

My criteria at the moment is simple: to reach my goal of owning a complete discography I want at least 1 copy of each of their records pressed so far, with 1st press being the ultimate aim but I'll have no problem picking up a later press if one becomes available. The one exception with this rule being their 2nd LP The Upsides. The 2nd press of this was in a gatefold with different cover art. I consider this different enough to warrant getting both a 1st and 2nd press to consider it a complete discography.

Their first LP was a CD release only so that rules that one out but as well as both presses of the 2nd LP to get there's a load of 7"s : a mixture of EP's, splits, pre-order exclusives and subscription only deals. One subscriber 7" of the track Don't Let Me Cave In was limited to 35 copies. Jesus Christ what am I doing to myself.

So that's my goal. Let's go! Multiple copies of the same record, test presses and record release presses are obviously fair game, but 1 copy of everything is my primary goal at this stage.

My next TWY post that I do when I've received the stuff that's on it's way I'll probably include a back catalogue list with pressing info to the best of my knowledge so I can nerd out over the information all in one handy Internet place and maybe help anyone else who might want to know someday. The information is already out there, but who wants to flick between multiple websites? Not this dickhead.