Thursday, 19 April 2012

Code Orange Kids - Cycles 7" on pink

Browsing on Bandcamp a few weeks ago I noticed the page for a fairly new band I've been hearing a lot about, Code Orange Kids.
Now I'm not sure what it is exactly, but when I hear great thing after great thing about a new band I've not heard anything by I sometimes just shut off to all the noise. Could be I feel that all the excitement of discovery has been taken out of it. I'ts been drummed into me that they're great ; what more is there to know. Everyone already seems to love it, I'll just move on. Or it could be that I'm just being a miserable fucker.
But anyway, seeing as it required a mere 2 clicks from my finger, I listened to their EP Cycles. And then did so again. And again. And then I paid $5 for a download of it. And then kept listening to it until I tracked down a copy of the 7" and bought that too. Released on Mayfly, pressed on pink and limited to 400.

The first press is all sold out and Mayfly has launched a 2nd press, so it seems like they're doing pretty good. Well deserved too, this EP is phenomenal. So good I bought it twice within an hour. Here in England, for that kind of money I could've bought 240 PG Tips Pyramind tea-bags.

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