Monday, 3 December 2012

Natural Order 7"

Figured I'd re-pop my vinyl blogging cherry with one of, in my opinion, the best UKHC 7"s released this year: the Natural Order EP. Featuring members of Ark of The Covenant, More Than Life and with one Mike Carver (ex-Deal With It) on vocals, it is quite simply fucking awesome. This was released by UKHC movers/shakers Purgatory Records, but you can only buy it direct from the band who are distributing it themselves. Carver's vocal style is markedly different than Deal With It, sounding like a rabid beast. Honestly, this is one not to miss if you like things on the heavier, nastier side. Pressed on a ridiculously thick, heavyweight vinyl, this colour is limited to 200 and looks like a punched eyeball.


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