Sunday, 22 January 2012

Enforcers - End Of Time

These next couple of posts are gonna be of 2 debut records that came with the Pale Creation 12" I ordered last year from A389, so in the strange chance you're relying on this site for up-to date music releases, then I'm horrendously out of step. Both bands I hadn't heard a lot of before their LP's turned up, so I wanted to wait until I had given them a proper listen before stringing some sentences together. This first one is Enforcer's album End Of Time.

Following my recent revelation that post-Age Of Quarrel Cro-Mags is really fucking good Cro-Mags, I have a new frame of reference and can now spout Best Wishes-era comparisons like anybody else. Which is handy with this band.

They sound like um . . . Best Wishes-era Cro Mags. With a bit of NYHC style bounce thrown in.
Pressed on red, not sure how many. There's a black pressing too, but I ordered the colored bundle package.

It's a good album, just not particularly exciting. The thing that jumped out at me the most was all the howling winds between the songs, which reminded me of Crom (this Crom, not that Crom) who are lot more fun (not many bands can match up to drug addled Conan-worship metal) so I put Crom on. I've been back to this a couple times since, but I cant shake the fact that Deal With It pull off this shit with much more energy and spark. But if you fancy listening to something that sounds like Best Wishes, and want to avoid bands that start with the letter D, then go for it.

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