Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bane - Give Blood 10th Anniversary (with free science)

Firstly, as my first post of the new year I'd like to say a quick thank you to everyone who has checked out this blog, left a comment, linked to me from a forum post, said thank you for featuring their record or added me to their Blogger sidebar. I truly appreciate it, so thank you for all of the support. I've been trying to get this post up on here for days now, keep on somehow not finding the time. Our 8 month old daughter started crawling a few days ago. I thought a baby was a full time job before this. How wrong I was! Now, my first post of a new year sees me going back in time a ways...

2001 is the year I got into hardcore properly. I was graduating from a background which at the time was dominated with Nitro / Fat pop-punk, retrospectively shitty nu-metal and far less dodgy non-nail varnish metal, and I had truly found my sound. As well as a boat load of catching up to do (this compilation was bought for me as a present that year and opened my eyes right up to a lot of the older stuff), that year saw 3 records come out that influenced me and my taste in music immensely. Background Music, Jane Doe and this one. The one that is still on heavy rotation and that I still listen to more than any other album that came out back then. It is of course (these posts do have to have a title, I'm aware there is no suspense here) Bane's Give Blood, and this is the 10th Anniversary repress released at the tail end of last year on Triple B. I'm confident that you don't need telling why this album is incredible, so I'll just get on with it.

Instead of using the original cover art, a new sleeve has been put together. White gatefold, with an embossed red cross on the front. Simple & striking. Inside the gatefold, some photos of Bane through the ages and a message from the band with their thoughts on this anniversary repress and what this album means to them.

Originally when this went up for sale on BBB, you couldn't pick and choose which colour you ordered. It was purely on a first come, first served basis. The nerd in me was concerned I'd miss the rarer colour, but thankfully middle of the night baby feeds allowed me to catch this just after it went on sale and snag the red/white splatter out of 200. 

That little symbol above the Triple B banner makes me see a strawberry whenever I look at this. Anybody else? The original cover art is on the front of the 16 page booklet that comes inside. This seems to be a straight reproduction of the original CD booklet if I remember it right (no way am I going up in the attic to find the CD, too cold) blown up to record sleeve side (scientific measurements there) and looking sweet. 

An amazing record, given just the treatment it deserves. As we all know, buying just the one record would be rude (besides not being allowed as per BBB's overseas orders policy) so I ordered the 2 new colours from the 2nd press of the Boston 6:58pm 7" edition of Bane's ambitious time-and-place CD/7" series. One on solid yellow, one on clear green.

I gotta say, I've never been too keen on the cover art for this series. It always reminded me of an educational infographic. Something like this:

No, I have no idea either.

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