Saturday, 30 June 2012

Xibalba / Incendiary split

I try to normally post about these records in the order that I get them in, but that systems all fucked up at the minute. The stack of yet-to-be-blogged about is all out of order and growing, so it's time to just get on with it. This post is also an experiment, as I'm posting from the Blogger app cause I'm lazily not booting my laptop up. It might look, like my ordering system, all fucked up.

Anyway, Xibalba / Incendiary split. 2nd press out of 452 on blue/black marble released on Closed Casket. My good friend and tattoo wizard Kieran picked this up for me when he went to see Xibalba in Wales recently. Top dude. The Xibalba side is CRUSHINGLY heavy, as to be expected. I've heard their next album, it's a monster.

EDIT: I've just checked on Safari, and this came out alright.


  1. Only annoying thing about the blogger app is the photos go into the wrong order sometimes. And you cant put them in mid post. Other than that it's ok for quick stuff.

  2. second press! Damnit didn't know about this. Good post.