Sunday, 1 July 2012

Misfits Collection 1. We are reunited.

Jumping the line here to post something that I brought home today, yet bought over 10 years ago. This is the first piece of vinyl that I ever spent money on, picking it up from some dusty 2nd hand record store. Long thought lost forever due to house moves and shit being in storage in my mums attic. It has never been stored with my record collection, cause back when I moved out of my mums and it got left behind all those years ago, I didn't really have one to speak of. My brother is back from Uni and while he was going through boxes of crap in our mums attic, he came across this and reunited us today. Misfits Collection 1, Misfits self titled, whatever you want to call it. This is the 1988 re-print on black, released on Caroline. Welcome home.


  1. Hah you know what bruv, this was the first LP I bought too to partner The Clash debut my dad had given me previously. Although it was around '92. I still have mine too. Great first purchase I reckon.

    1. Haha what a coincidence! Yeah it's a pretty solid first ever record to look back on. Although, if I'm totally honest, the first ever record I truly owned was one my mum bought me. It was a Jive Bunny 7" when I was about 5. Good times.

  2. Pssst I said 'LP' I wasn't counting any embarrassing 7"s - Roland Rats - Rat Rappin' for oh I dunno arguments sake. Haha