Saturday, 25 August 2012

Dawn Of A New Apocalypse

Right, been a while! Last time I did a post I was thinking all like "Ok, I'm gonna post a shit load all at once and get caught up and vinyl blogging life will be good". And then I didn't. Truth is, this other thing is taking up any spare time I have for writing. This thing:


You may or may not remember but for a while I had a second .blogspot blog where I wrote about music that buzzed me, without the vinyl part. Well that really took off. Labels were sending me lots of music to review, same for bands who had just put out a demo and wanted some exposure. It gained enough speed so that I dropped the .blogspot bit, bought a domain and had the site built by a guy who knows his HTML. And Tight To The Nail was officially born. There's usually a new review up there almost every day, so if you want to check out what labels like A389, Southern Lord, Deathwish, Feast Of Tentacles, Carry The Weight, Tiny Engines etc are putting out, then stop by. There's also a lot of coverage of new bands or bands self releasing their music, and links to their stuff which is usually free to download. So there's a decent spread between bands you'll know, and bands you won't.

Anyway, that's why I'm slack. But I'm going to keep this thing here going as much as I can. So here's one from the pile that Rich from Ignite Records in Birmingham sent me. He sold out of the stock he had in for RSD2012, but had a few more come in from Organized Crime and sent me one in the post. Rich is a good guy. This is the Euro pressing, on grey out of 325, and a repress essentially, as this was available before in various incarnations. I'm no great fan of live albums, and the sound quality ain't the best, but it suits the anarchic energy of the show and this is actually a good listen, capturing an early time for the band where they give a raucous and provocative performance. Something that the cool little recounting of events by A-Double try to capture in the new linear notes.


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