Friday, 27 July 2012

Collecting The Wonder Years - part 4 : "Punk Is Dead Get A Job"

This is the latest thing to be released by TWY, and so shouldn't have proven too tricky to get hold of in my long-game odyssey to pick up everything they've released. But, this thing sold out so fast at pre-order, I hadn't even realised it was available to pre-order before it was gone. 1000 copies in all, spread between 500 black swirl, 300 black/clear split and 200 black. Gone. Once they started shipping out, it was pretty easy to see where a few of the copies went : straight to the flippers

Fuck that. I was pretty mad. But as luck would have it, Craigos had a spare copy and offered to sell it me, at the same price he bought it for, plus postage from Australia to the UK obv. Top dude. It was the clear/black split version, and I was more than happy with that. A few days later, it turned up, and life was good again.










Love what they did with the artwork on this, making it look like a filled out IRS form, with band name, record label and lyrics in the boxes, pretty cool.
Oh yeah, I should probably mention that this is actually a split with Stay Ahead Of The Weather, who feature members of Into It/Over It and CSTVT. That song is great, but it's all about TWY side for me, their song is fucking magnificent.
For the iNerds among us, that Blogger app is actually pretty shit. Not letting you dictate the order of photos, not allowing you adding text in between them, no ability to create links. So I've abandoned that. BUT I did just get one of the 'new' iPads, and have been using an app called Blogsy. Which is a shit name, but it let's you do everything. In fact I think it let's me do more than I can work out on the Blogger site. This post was made with it and look, links and everything.


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