Sunday, 18 December 2011


Returning briefly to the theme of the post a while ago about those 2 Cro-Mags records, here's something else I bought from Endless Quest. Just after paying for the Cro-Mags I noticed there was a copy of the Those Who Fear Tomorrow 2010 repress for sale, one of the rarer 1st pressings on a sort of smoky clear vinyl with a numbered Kasner outer sleeve. I'd not bothered with any of the Integrity represses that Organized Crime put out last year, and always wished that I had once the 1st press was long gone. So I snapped this up, and sent some more pennies down the magical PayPay chute. Sleeping on this worked out eventually.

The sleeve you see above, as you may know, isn't the standard TWFT sleeve, this is the specially drawn sleeve for this version by Cleveland artist Stephen Kasner. It continues onto the back, but I forgot to take a picture of that.

As you can see, this run with the Kasner sleeve and vinyl colour was limited to 320 and the sleeves hand numbered.

Slide that off and the regular sleeve is underneath. The dust jackets are stamped, and the vinyl is a dark clear color, held up to the light, its kinda smoky.

Glossy clear ink used to hide the Integrity skull printed over the lyrics, which when revealed shows that the lyrics are printed to match the shape. Pretty cool. Same for the track listing on the back. And Dwid here looks a little like Kurt Cobain. Originally released in 1992, and pound for pound, one of the best hardcore albums ever recorded in my opinion.

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