Friday, 30 December 2011

Pale Creation - Twilight Haunt

Well, Christmas seems to be well and truly winding down now. The boxes of chocolates are down to the ones that nobody eats and the tree is starting to really display the fact that it was murdered over 2 weeks ago now and would like to be placed outside to rot with dignity.

Christmas is a big thing in our house and across our whole family, we love it. We cooked Christmas dinner at our house this year ('we' being subjective, my partner did the majority) for her side of the family in the day, then had my side over at night for dinner-aftermath-coma drinks and snacks. Then a party at her mums on Boxing day. And then a party at my Dads the day after that. So now the post-Christmas blues are really setting in. A melancholy mood calls for a melancholy record, so it's fitting that just before the festivities kicked off, this turned up - the recent vinyl pressing of Pale Creation's Twilight Haunt LP. Only available on CD up until now (or free download courtesy of A389 have put this out and it looks great.

Original artwork blown up to fit the sleeve and it's pressed on a black and blue splatter (again, looking so good) or 'Blue Storm' as it was called officially. Only 250 pressed, and it's one of those 'never to be repressed' deals.

This album came out first in 1999 and is still their only full length release. If you listen to their output before this LP, they had kind of a cheesy thrash sound so it's pretty amazing how different they sound on this. Mid-paced, sorrowful and extremely dark, there's a metallic crispness and crunch to the rhythm section but with the vocals and lead guitars drenched in reverb it lends the whole affair and desolate and hollow vibe, with an incredible atmosphere. A very interesting addition to the Holy Terror collective.

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