Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pulling Teeth - Lightning Strikes Twice #129 / 250

Hardcore's current love affair with the flexi continues with this Pulling Teeth one-off release.
'Lightning Strikes Twice' is a cover of the Rorschach track by the same name and was pressed to go on tour with PT when they recently came over to Europe. Europe seemed to not include England on this tour so I grabbed this from the A389 store when they had a few leftover. 250 of these in total, 125 on clear.

I'm a big fan of Pulling Teeth and would have bought this whatever was pressed on it, but it just so happens that this cover is really fucking good. Hammers home the sad news that PT have just announced that after the A389 bash in January they're calling it a day.

Hand numbered sleeves, cunningly written in black ink on black print, making it damn near impossible for us blog nerds to get a photo. But this is number 129. Or 124.


  1. crap I was to late.would you be so kind and rip this song somehow?love rohrschach and pt.

  2. I've ripped this for myself, but unless Dom sends me a sign that he's cool for me to pass this MP3 on, it shall stay exclusive to my iPod. Anyway, I just checked and A389 still have copies on sale, so it seems you're not too late -

  3. I think HUANSOAHN must be pretty desperate to get this track, he's asked exactly the same thing of me

    1. So he has! It might be time to order the record HUANSOAHN. I don't think anyone will give you this mp3 by the looks of it mate. Great blog Kol, really enjoyed having a look through.

    2. Thank you Gavin. You've got a great blog going here too.