Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cape Of Bats - Transylvania

I don't ever remember feeling scared of Vampires. They just never seemed to bother me. Werewolves? God yeah. I had sleepless night for days when I unwisely chose to watch American Werewolf In London against the BBFC's advisement. Never answer the door without the safety chain on kids, it could be werewolves in Nazi uniforms. Vampires nowadays seem even less bothersome. All I can think of is Robert Pattinson jumping from branch to branch like a fucking Marmoset looking like he's about to start crying about that miserable chick Bella. SHE'S NOT LOYAL TO YOU EDWARD!

Anyway, vinyl. Right.

Cape Of Bats bring the vampire with a seriousness with their new 7" released on Holy Terror. Entitled Transylvania and themed around the Irish vampiric myth of Abhartach, the alternatively claimed inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula by some historians. Stoker was Irish, so you can see where they're coming from I guess. Celtic myth and legend fascinate me, so tie that in with some seriously nasty sounding hardcore black metal punk and I'm all in. It's a brilliant story, a truly fascinating myth and just the sort of treatment the concept of vampires deserves. I can't help but hear Infest when I listen to the first track, the way it goes from mid-paced to fast and back again, raging all the way. Im loving everything I've heard from Cape Of Bats, and I want more.

Pressed on yellow, a run of 200. This was released in conjunction with another label called Grim Winds who are handling the black pressing, with the yellow being exclusive to Holy Terror. I think I'm right in saying that Grim Winds is the bands own label. They don't seem to have their copies for sale yet though, dunno what the deal is there.

Get some learning done with the insert, a recounting of the Abhartach legend.


  1. Got this coming in the post. Looking even more forward to it now.

    1. band's label site, black copies available there.