Saturday, 18 February 2012

From the Isle Of Thanet

Well haven't they done well. A little over 6 months since Unhloly Majesty's debut tape vanished in the blink of a light detecting organ, they're Terrorizer's Band Of The Day, they're getting positive press from here, there and everywhere and now A389 have pressed the tracks from that tape on a run of vinyl. It's well deserved too, cause UnMaj are great. It's cool to see a UK band rise to prominence so quickly, I could almost get patriotic.

I wrote about the tape back here, but enough about me being an OG.

There are two pressings of this: clear out of 150, and a run on black too. A389 still have copies of both available. If you like Ringworm (you DO like Ringworm, don't you?!) then you'll like this. This will sell out.

A tidy little package. The Owl & The Serpent is one of the best songs of last year. Fact. This whole EP is up for free download here, and cause I love you, I'll embed the tracks below.


  1. Just ordered one. A389 charge too much for postage though.

    1. Cool! But yeah it always grieves me when I pay just as much, if not MORE than the cost of the record to get it shipped.