Sunday, 12 February 2012

Integrity - Kingdom Of Heaven 7"

This new Integrity 7" features 3 old tracks, recorded 20 years ago. Released both as a 20th anniversary marker and in tribute to former drummer Dave Araca, present on these recordings before his untimely death. Even now, these tracks are unfuckwithable. Seriously. 'Kingdom Of Heaven'? Still sounds amazing. 'Rebirth'? I don't think they ever sounded more evil.  I listen to Den Of Iniquity a heck of a lot, mainly for those 2 tracks I just mentioned, so having these alternative takes (this 7" also includes 'Eighteen') on a cool limited pressing leads to good times all around.
I'm believe that the artwork on this is from Dwid. It looks excellent, is dark as hell and goes hand in hand with some of the other cover art he's done recently for Cape Of Bats (see below) and the new Sutekh Hexen LP.

You can just about see the Integ skull visible in the light there.

Similarly, the back cover shows off some invisible crosses when titled in the light

Released on A389, this white pressing limited to 150 and is now sold out. There was also a run on black, which is still available


  1. I didn't even know about this. And now it's gone. Damn. Looks good though.

  2. I knew about it and was even at the A389 bash and didn't pick up the show only colour of it, I think I was mesmerized by the sheer amount of records on display.

  3. Missed out on that one too, but just in time to get me a testpress of this one.
    Nothing much to see, black vinyl 7" but with custom made 'Dwid' artwork.
    I'm putting it up on my page soon.

  4. I've got the show/band copy on dark clear red with black smoky streaks.