Thursday, 3 May 2012

Kill Life / 33 7" freebie (thanks Kieran)

This one has been sitting in my stack of records waiting to be put on here for a long time now, other things keep overtaking it.

A few months ago, a conversation with a fiend somehow ended up turning to Kill Life, hardcore's favourite mystery supergroup. I mentioned how I had the new flexi with Mike from EyeHateGod on vocals. He asked if I had the 1st 7", a split with Welsh band 33. I said I didn't. He asked if I wanted it. I said yes.

A few days later he comes round to hang out, listen to records and eat biscuits with me...

photographic evidence
...and brings it with him. A lovely freebie.

I'd not heard anything by 33 nor did I have an idea what they'd sound like but they're a treat. Like a hardcore beat-down with a bluesy rock & roll swagger, and it really works. Loved it.

Kill Life on the other side rip through 3 tracks in under 2 minutes  and unless you've been living under a hardcore shaped rock for the last 20 years you'll recognise the vocalist a mile off for a start.

Their stuff here is brilliant, ultra fast hardcore punk. The undoubted highlight of this whole 7" though is their last track 'Chimpanzee Eats Friend". A recorded 911 call of a woman reporting in a frantic voice that her pet chimpanzee is .... yup ... eating her friend, while palm muted guitars throb and drums pound in the background. It's all at once hilarious and/or terrifying.

500 copies on purple, released by 2 labels - All The Way Alive and Chapters. Spend money.

My mate who gave me this is Kieran (xkieranx on Instagram if you're down with that) who has recently moved to Swansea to ply his tattoo trade at the newly opened Swansea Tattoo Company shop. If you're near there or fancy a road trip to get inked, I recommend it. Stuff there is looking amazing, and Kieran is a top dude.

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  1. Hilariously terrifying is perfect to describe that last track, definitely my favourite on that record too