Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Love Below - Every Tongue Shall Caress

Once again A389 Records fail to disappoint with one of their most exciting releases so far this year. In fact, I have found this to be one of the most exciting releases this year so far in general. I'll be surprised (although happy) if another LP comes along this year that impresses me as much as this one.
The Love Below are a hardcore band, with lighting quick caustic punk sections interspersed with sludgy, slower Sabbath-like crawling. Yet they don't truly sound like anyone else (although a pretty good companion to this record would be Some Girls' excellent LP Heaven's Pregnant Teens) with their influences buried beneath waves of fresh ideas. Impressively named vocalist Jerry Wayne Woolbright Jr gives an incredible performance, his voice ranging from a man who sounds like a quivering wreck to red-lining, throat shredding howls. This album is amazing.

Pressed on a black/tan split which matches the artwork perfectly, and limited to 150.

The artwork on this LP plumbs a similar filthy depth as their 7" Reproductive Rights (also awesome) and is probably not for the easily offended.

Copies still available on this limited color, and regular black over at A389.
I'm calling it now, this will be my album of the year.

I'll embed the track below that was used to announce the LP release. Starting with an Eyehategod-worship riff, it slugs towards an explosion 40 seconds in that could strip paint. Amazing.

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