Tuesday, 29 May 2012

VVEGAS / ABRAXIS split 7" GOTU edition #42 of 59

Every once in a while a package containing a record will arrive that causes me to emit an actual, audible noise. Such was the case this evening when I walked in and saw this resting on the kitchen worktop:

Upon spotting the Australian post mark & the Process Cross, I made a sound that can be best described as "AwooooOOOOO!!". My girlfriend looked up from what she was doing with raised eyebrows. And looked away again. The eagery awaited VVegas / Abraxis split had arrived.
Before I go any further, there is something quite special about this version that sets it apart from the remaining copies still available in Midnight Funeral's webstore. This is the Grace Of The Unholy edition, and was only available for a limited time in a secret pre-order announced only to those who know what shadowy internet corners to dwell in. I, being one of those types, saw this announcement and was on it in a flash. Only 59 of this GOTU edition were made to order, it comes in a red stamped & numbered dust jacket and pressed on an exclusive color.

The VVegas side

The Abraxis side
The rest of the package, the inner and outer sleeve, are no different from the regular version. But no less awesome. Beginning with the VVegas side, the artwork was handled by Dwid and features an incredibly detailed Sgt Pepper worship piece. Lots to find on here, it's like a VVegas 'Where's Wally'. Really cool artwork, pretty different from what you'd expect. 

The Abraxis art is also handled by Dwid

And to round it off, a sweet set of patches and a slip of paper telling the conspiratorial saga of Nifi / Neefee, Shack & Lucy. Funny as fuck.

 I wrote here about the 2 bands and the music on this release back when the downloads were sent out, so click away if you want to check that out. Also, as I say on that piece, it has to be said that Midnight Funeral Records in Australia (ran by fellow record nut, former vinyl collecting blogger and general top dude Craigos) did an excellent job in the handling of pre-orders, keeping us informed, sending out downloads and ultimately shipping these out. Amazing stuff all round.


  1. Fantastic stuff, it looks like VVegas has once again brought out something great. I can't wait to see it when my copy turns up

  2. I think everyone who collects records knows the 'girlfriends raised eyebrows' look all too well haha

  3. still waiting, but I know craigos does so well. cheers and sussed is how it goes, right?