Wednesday, 23 November 2011

50 posts old! One from the shelf : The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Hardcore

Happy 50th post to me! Seeing as thats an Anniversary-type number I'm breaking from tradition and instead of  posting about something recently bought, this is something I bought last year. Of everything purchased last year I've picked this for a couple of reasons. It's easily a standout from all of 2010's offerings, it's been on heavy rotation since I bought it and it looks sweet too. This is The Rival Mob's 7" 'Hardcore for Hardcore'. Everything I've heard from these is great. The Bitter Rivals demo, Raw Life LP, their tracks on compilations and this 7". It's all excellent. You've probably heard of them, they play a straight up, old school NY-style Hardcore with a production style that sounds like it was recorded in the 90's. They aren't re-inventing any wheels, but when done right these wheels work pretty damn well so they don't need to.

The cover for this is a work of art, literally. All out cavalry war? Check. Man being mauled by a bad ass tiger? Check. A dead cheetah and a man in a Toga forcing a lions jaws apart? Its all there man.

Six Feet Under put these out, and this is one of  the colors from the first press, yellow out of 350.

Inside the sleeve, there is an inexplicable picture of Bill Pullman as he looks in Near Dark. Not a problem. And the thanks list says a hello to, among others, the middle section of The Human Centipede. The war hungry drama continues on the back with the severed head of Medusa.

The amount of The Rival Mob vinyl I own is tragically low. So here's to being 50 posts old and thanks for reading so far. I'm going to take off my party hat now.

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