Saturday, 5 November 2011

Free Voodoo Dolls - Walpurgisnacht & 7.17 Compilation

There an old saying - 'Never look a gift horse in the mouth.' What is a gift horse? Why is it so inadvisable to look inside their mouths? What's in there exactly? The answers to these questions will not be found here, as they have nothing to do with what follows. But there is another saying - 'Once it's gone it's gone' that despite stating the obvious is usually true. Except on rare occasions when opportunity comes knocking. So when Internet acquaintance Sam needed to raise some cash quickly and offered his record collection up for people to pick through, opportunity knocked hard and I was able to pick up 2 long gone records that I've lusted after for a while. First out of my swag bag is Integrity's 'Walpurgisnacht' 7".

But this record isn't long gone at all I hear you cry. True, while it is up to its millionth pressing, with copies of all pressings available if you know where to look, this is from the first 100 copies of the first pressing on red (out of 250) that came with a Dwid Hellion make-your-own Voodoo Doll.

Some great Florian art inside too:

Feels good to get that stowed away in the collection. Next, sticking within the theme - the 7.17 compilation.

Released last year to commemorate a one off show with the Holy Terror fan-boy dream line up of Integrity, Gehenna, Vegas and Unreal City and featuring new studio tracks by the bands. This was put out by Hellfish I think, but there's no label markings anywhere. 300 copies of this bad boy in total, spread between 3 different versions. 100 with silver screened covers on green vinyl, 100 with white screened covers on black vinyl and this one - 100 with red screened covers on, again, black vinyl.

Stamp numbered dust jackets, this is number 54

The Integrity track on here is nothing new, it's been on their website for download since this came out and got crow-barred in on the Detonate Worlds Plague 12" and the Thee DestroyOrr collection CD, but it's still a ripper and one of the best recent Integ songs with soul fingering solo's by Rob Orr. Vegas do an Integ cover and I've never heard of Unreal City but their song is pretty good. Gehenna steal the show for me here, sticking within the style of their recent material and sounding psychedelic and as fucked up as possible.


  1. it is common practice when purchasing a horse to inspect his teeth. If the horse is a gift and you check his teeth in front of the person who has gifted you with said horse, then that is bad form. hence the popular phrase.

  2. Unreal City is Rob Orrs 1st band

  3. I've learnt two things here, thank you Anonymous!