Friday, 11 November 2011

Pulling Teeth - Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illiusions 1st Press - Red & Black Splatter/333

I got into Pulling Teeth in between the album featured here - Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions - and their latest album Funerary (I kinda liked Funerary) and by the time I had, all hope of grabbing the more limited pressings of PDPI without engaging in eBay wars was long gone. I could grab a plain black 2nd press easily enough, but who wants to do that?!

But on Halloween this year, as well as a load of new stuff and the annual 24 hour test press sale (see some goodies from that here on Couch Slouch) A389 threw up a couple of rarities into the store, so I grabbed this - PDPI 1st press, on a clear red with black splatter out of 333 pressings. The vinyl itself looks amazing, splatters can sometimes look a bit dodgy. But before I click the Insert Image button for that, the gatefold sleeve is also incredible. The cover is printed on a lenticular sheet, so when it lies flat is looks like this:

Start to tilt it though, and it starts to change:

Until the 2nd image appears:

Awesome right? That's a lot of effort to go to and it pays off. Marcus at Endless Quest made a video when he posted about this record a billion years ago here in full change-o-vision if you see my pictures and just NEED MORE. Onto the record, which looks great and a little like a cross-section of a tropical fruit.

And a huge fold out poster of the brilliant artwork.

It will never see a wall, but it's nice that it's in there.

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  1. Aye it's a great looking record this. Just the sort of thing that stops you snapping out of being a nerd.