Friday, 21 October 2011

Unholy Majesty - the new kids on the block

A short break from vinyl to quickly draw attention to another new tape and another solid UK band introduced to the world courtesy of Nate's Hemlock 13 label.

Unholy Majesty play a ferocious metal hardcore crossover with a liberal dose of Holy Terror intent, Ringworm and To Die For type Integrity. The riffs are massive, the solos will make you weep and Duggan's (ex- The Break In, Santa Karla) vocals sound like he wants to kill something. From the popularity of certain posts I do, I'm pretty sure these will hit the spot with some readers.

This turned up a couple of weeks ago and were on a limited run of 70. They sold out in a few days and are gone forever but there was a link posted on the H13 Tumblr to download it for free if you fancy scrolling down a bit to find it or know the right words to put into Google.

And if you don't have any luck there, and have gotten a little excited about (in my opinion) one of this years best new bands then fear not as the big news is that A389 have picked this up for a vinyl release sometime this Winter. Which is obviously fantastic news for everyone involved and proof of something I've been banging on about since the Final Rage tape - Hemlock 13 gots the goods yo, and it's worth getting on board.

A sew-on patch was thrown in too. Might stick this on the kid's school uniform. See what cracks off...

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