Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crash Of Rhinos - Distal

I bought this without hearing a single note from this band.

Crash Of Rhinos are a band from Derby (near the middle of the UK for overseas readers) and make a brilliant punkrock-jangly-shouty-gangvocals-anthemic- noise. Not a very concise description, so I guess I could say that if Kinsella bands and Algernon Cadwallader float your boat, prepare to have a new favourite band. This is how they were sold to me, so I bought it and was not disappointed.


300 copies of this double LP set were pressed, released through Triste Records and The Audacious Art Experiment. The package has a brilliant DIY feel to it. The wraparound sleeve is printed on an olive green, thick card. Inside that is a lyric sheet, backed with a ton of black & white photos of the band.


Song lengths are longer than your average for a band of this style, so the album is is spread across 3 sides.


With a blank side where D would have been. I inexplicably love a blank vinyl side.


It seems that copies of this are getting thin on the ground now. You can't get them from the bands Big Cartel anymore, and I got the last copy from the site I bought mine from.The band have said on their site that they have taken some copies out on the road with them for their current run of shows with Algernon but they're expecting these to sell out. There's some copies on the Triste records site (hope you paid attention at school) but no telling how long these will last. I'd get in there quick, you won't regret it.
One thing I do know is that they are set to re-release Distal through Brave Or Invincible Records in a CD package. BOI have always put a shit load of DIY love and attention into their CD releases so this will be worth keeping an eye out for. On top of all that, you can also head to the band's Bandcamp page and download the entire album for free. So if i haven't brainwashed you with my picutres, hyperbole and easy link clickability, ill try and be more direct. GO  AND  DOWNLOAD  IT,  IT'S  FREE  AND VERY  GOOD.

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