Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy

It can be quite good to get into a band relatively late on in. From hearing that first song that grabs you, you can have a huge back catalogue to get into instantly. It can also be a bit of a mixed blessing with the record collecting game, as you then get that indescribable urge to buy vinyl increase by 4 or 5 more records in varying degrees of rarity. Such is the case with this Saturday's delivery - powerviolence/sludge animals Weekend Nachos.
I only heard these a few months back, a song off their new EP 'Black Earth' released on A389. I was blown away and went straight on to their (brilliant) webstore and picked it up. I might aswell show you a picture of it, seeing as it's so nice.


A short visit to Discogs later and I was on the hunt for their earlier stuff. It seemed easy to purchase re-presses of the 2 albums they had released so far in brand new condition from various web-stores, but I wanted to attempt some first press collecting. eBay soon hooked me up with the first press on Cowabunga Records from 2007 of their debut LP 'Punish and Destroy'. You can tell it's a first press because of the red font, fact fans. Second press had blue.


The packaging and record suit the tone of this album perfectly. If you haven't heard them, WN mix the speed and ferocity of bands like Infest with crushing moments of sludge-doom riffing. It's break neck fast one second, then slow and pounding the next. It works real good. They're the heaviest I've heard in a long time.


I'm not sure who the photo on the B-side label is of, but he looks like a wrong-un.


Nice, clear insert with lyrics. Lyrical themes range from hatred of people, to hatred of other people, back to general hatred of everyone. It's cheery stuff. But shot through with a knowing sense of black humour. The insert also reveals that the album was recorded while the band were a 2 piece, with the guitarist doubling up on bass, and the vocalist also doing the drums. That's 4 jobs done by 2 people! What other blog gives you that kind of maths? No other blog, that's who.


  1. Hey man, not sure if you've come across this yet but the band is selling their stuff here: "Worthless is their newest LP, and the "Two Things At Once" LP combines two out of print EP's. Both of these are first press, so I figured you might want to snag them now before you have to pay double for them on eBay.

  2. Yeah I've been on their big cartel already, but I'm holding out on getting Worthless on vinyl for the while to see if I come across one of the pink pressings they sold out of on tour. They only pressed 100 so it might take a while! I've got the album digitally, its one of the best things I've heard all year. I aim to get 'Two things...', would be sick to hear the Torture EP remastered! Thanks for the heads up anyways, and for checking out the blog.G