Sunday, 31 July 2011

Fucked Up - David Comes To Life pre-order 7" set

Arriving a lot later than I would have thought, the final part of the Fucked Up LP 'David Comes To Life' pre-order. A set of four 7" singles only available through this package. And on Ebay when someone needs to pay their phone bill. Matador Records say that there were somewhere in the region of 2000 of these pressed.


Each 7" has two songs on it (except for one) and they serve to tell a backstory to the characters and places which feature in the story told on David Comes To Life. That's an 18 track concept album as it is, which I already don't understand that well. And now there's these additional 7 tracks, along with an exclusive digital track 'The Truest Road'. Oh, and the RSD 2011 release -  11 track LP 'David's Town' which is apparently a soundtrack to the whole thing. A musical soundtrack to music? Ok then. So yeah, 37 tracks in all to this epic undertaking. That's one hell of a concept album. Anyhow, back to these 7 inchers. Each track has individual artwork, so flip them over :


They also have individually coloured centre labels:


Again, different for each side.


Blank flip side on 'Octavio Made The Bomb' which is the only one without two tracks.


This is also the only track outside of the concept. The lyrics tell the story of how they came to write the album, what it's about and some sarcastic 'aren't we very clever' bollocks. Each 7" has it owns lyrics & credits sheet. 

The family together at last :


I'm not too sure that I care all that much for the story, or understanding it. There's some really solid songs amongst all of it, different to older, punkier Fucked Up (if you've listened to some of the Zodiac series or the last LP you would have an idea of where they were heading) but I'm into it. And the track 'The Other Shoe' is one of the best songs I've ever heard. All in all, a cool set. And a good pre-order package from Matador.

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