Saturday, 9 July 2011


A nice eBay bargain from last week. Self proclaimed DIY band Protestant play in a chaotic metal/hardcore crossover style, it's dark, its fast in parts, it's crushingly slow in others and it's raw. This is their self tiled 7" which was the first release on the Halo Of Flies label, owned by the groups vocalist Cory.


The front and back artwork is silkscreened, which is limited to this first press of 437 on black, which came out in 2007. The 2nd press of this release dropped the silkscreen and had photocopied covers instead.


The image on the B-side shows what looks like a dude about to be hanged. Which can't have been nice at the time.


It looks really cool, and flipped over reveals the lyrics silkscreened on there too.


The whole thing folds out, showing the artwork as a whole and the lyrics below. A pretty nice surprise, as the listing didn't mention just how cool the packaging was.

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