Thursday, 14 July 2011


And so it came to pass - The end of a Rot In Hell era.
This is the latest Rot In Hell 7", a split with Moloch released on Feast Of Tentacles. This pressing on red limited to only 100 copies. It's the pressing that was for the record release show (more on that below) a couple of weekends ago, but leftovers were put up on the FOT distro and the RIH store. They sold out pretty quick, but you can still get it on black out out of 400.


Letter pressed covers on a sort of thick brown card with red ink.


The lyrics & credits are printed on individually stained pieces of thick paper, and there's a brown paper dust jacket.


The RIH track, Cauldron Born, is incredible. You may know, I like Rot In Hell just about more than any other current hardcore band. Its easy to cite their obvious influences, and the band make no secret of them, but their own stamp on that sound is huge one and should not be under-estimated. They bring a level of chaos and exploding fury that leaves me slack jawed. Likewise - acoustic, harmonious yet haunting interludes/intro's (like the intro on this track) and English heathen-folk strings (see the closing section of Twilight Rouges on APBS) put them head and fucking shoulders above. English heathen-folk might be a genre I just invented, but it's what springs to mind when I listen to it. But anyway, as I said, this version was for the record release show in Nottingham with Moloch. Which they pulled out of suddenly, only to just as quickly announce that they were back on the bill, but that it would be vocalist Nate's last ever show. 
A real shame. Double gutted that I also couldn't get to the show. Me and a mate had talked about going and meeting up, but in the end I couldn't make it. Common sense prevailed on my part - my 8 week old daughter needs nappies changing and bottles preparing more than I need to lose my shit at a hardcore show. 
There are some other RIH records in various stages of being released (A Murder Of Crows being one of them) that might feature Nate as they seem to have been started before his departure (does the Integ/RIH split pre-order seem like a distant memory to anyone else?) but this seemed like a relevant record post to write about this. 
Rot In Hell will carry on, rumour has it, which is great news in my book and I'll look forward to hearing it. Tough vocal act to follow though.

This post has rambled on (again) but I need to mention Moloch on the flip side, who hail from Nottingham and feature Chris Braddock who runs Feast Of Tentacles.


Imagine all the worlds misery and despair in musical form, with elements of Iron Monkey dirge and EHG misanthropic sludge and you're there. It ain't pretty, but it's crushing and very, very good

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