Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hope Defeated - Demo 2010 7" - blog nerd pressing /60

Blogging about vinyl can sometimes feel like a fairly silly way to spend time. As you stand on a chair to get a decent overhead picture of a poster insert, or re-take a picture for the 7th time to avoid a lighting glare on the corner of a sleeve that obstructs the hand numbering I can hear myself think ".... what the fuck am I doing?".

But, it is fun. And in my short time in posting my new purchases, I've found it's a good outlet. And here on the feral plains of the world wide web, there's a decent vinyl blog community. It's from this community that today's post originates from.Hope Defeated are a band from Canada, whose vocalist is Doug from the We Will Bury You blog and it's released on Endless Quest Records, which is ran by Marcus who does The Endless Quest blog. Recorded last year and just put out. Read this post for the history on this, it's pretty cool. And that's a lot of links.

The rarest pressing is on red wax out of 60 and was intended just for people who read the blogs mentioned above. It's called the 'blog nerd pressing' comes with a special outer sleeve and has a stamp numbered jacket. This limited cover has a cool, classic hardcore vibe about it, and is on a great quality thick card.

This is the sleeve that all the other pressings on white and black vinyl will have.

 A little history of Endless Quest is on a slip of card and it came with a download code, which was a nice surprise.

Musically, put simply if you like hardcore you'll like Hope Defeated. They've got a solid, classic early Rev Records buzz to them without sounding retro. Fast, slick, straight edge and pissed off. The store draws a comparison to Striking Distance, and that's pretty spot on. Get to the store and pick one up, it's cheap yo. Plus, I know Marcus only has a handful left of the red blog nerd pressing. A great quality little package and a huge amount of detail and effort has been put in. And for such an independent release that is something that will always seriously impress me.

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