Monday, 31 October 2011

Mo Records, Mo Problems

There's a theme to this post. A theme of things turning up that you didn't order. And not in the cool way where you get extra stuff. If this post sounds like a big old moan, it's because both of these 7" sized mistakes turned up on exactly the same day.

Breaking Point are a UK band, playing no frills hardcore. I'm really liking these, they don't push any boundaries but they do it with a passion and they do it well. This is their latest 7" Judgment, released on Purgatory. I ordered the black/white mix out of 100, but it seems that was listed even though it was sold out, because plain old black out of 300 turned up. 

My receipt says I ordered black/white, but there you go. I'm not going to bother with an e-mail about it as I hardly see a point seeing as black/white is now showing as sold out. Annoying though as it was the idea of grabbing a limited pressing along with a solid set of songs that appealed to me. Incorrect arrival #1.

I picked up the split with Wiretap while I was at it, on a yellow/green splatter mix that looks like something you see outside a pub on a Saturday morning.

 Despite the fuck up mentioned above, these 2 turned up from Purgatory super quick, dispatched on the same day.

And finally, I ordered Abandon Ship's last ever 7" from Carry The Weight Records some time ago. I had to send an e-mail to them last week to remind them to send it me as I was pretty sure it was suppose to be out by now. Sure enough, they all shipped out weeks ago and they'd forgot to send mine out. Hey, that happens. No big deal. A week later, this turned up:

A different CTW release, Wardogs.

Never heard them, probably was never going to and they don't really float my boat now that I have.  Incorrect arrival #2. Another e-mail and the 7" I did order will be sent out sometime this week apparently.  Ahh well. These things can't work out perfectly every time I guess...

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