Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A389 Order - Kill Life flexi, Hatewaves 5" & Triac 7"

A few weeks ago A389 put up a load of new releases for pre-order. I (upsettingly) couldn't afford the full package deal for everything, so I picked the 2 that I could not miss out on. First up, Kill Life featuring Mike Williams on vocals. Now, any band featuring Mike Williams from Eyehategod on vocals will be pretty special. Factor in that Kill Life are rumoured to feature members of Pulling Teeth, Integrity and Fucked Up and it becomes something unbelievably cool. A super short blast of dirty hardcore with Mike's pained yelling. A full length would go down nicely. Only 125 of these made on red, and available only as a flexi-disc.

The flexi (a thin, bendy sheet of vinyl) seems to be having a revival within hardcore lately. Organized Crime pressed some flexi's of Integrity's original demo Harder They Fall earlier in the year and A389 have also pressed some for Pulling Teeth and Gehenna rarities. I assume the main reason is because it's cheap, but also probably as it's a bit different and makes for a cool collectible. Although I have no idea how to store it, it's got the sturdiness of a piece of paper.

Secondly, Hatewaves new release - another EP, this time on a 5". Called 'The Tombs' it continues the theme of using Pulling Teeth drummer Alex Henderson as a sort of muse, with songs inspired by the stuff that pisses him off. Like the last one,  it somehow manages to sound massively heavy yet quite funny at the same time. 'Pride' vents anger at gay pride marches only because he struggles to park his car - "DON'T PARK IN MY SPACE, I GET IT. YOU'RE GAY". 7 songs in around 3 minutes, they also manage to pack in a hypnotic instrumental so that the final 2 second blast of 'NY Cops' slaps you in the face for not paying attention.  Packaged in a gate fold sleeve which is surely a first for a 5"  (500 of these done I think) and with a business card for Henderson.

And as a nice surprise and because Dom at A389 is a generous dude, he threw in the new Triac 7" for free. One of the pre-orders I didn't order. It's basically ear splitting grindcore, played at a speed and with a violent frenzy that is surely dangerous for the band and anybody listening. Its pretty awesome. 

Scott Hull is credited for mastering the 4 tracks here, and if that's THE Scott Hull, it goes some way to explaining the sheer carnage on offer. 

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