Friday, 14 October 2011

Integrity - In Contrast Of Sin. Way back from 1990.

The 7" that started it all.

Released on Victory (it was Victory #3) in 1990, 1000 of these on gold vinyl for the second press. I was 6 years old when this came out. Now, obviously I wasn't listening to Integrity back when I was 6 (would be pretty cool if I had of been) and it wouldn't be until quite a few years later when I first heard of them and of Victory Records when I got hold of the Victory Style 3 compilation. I remember from the bands on offer how at the time Victory seemed more badass than I could get my head around. How things change.

Dwid rocking a lot of Straight Edge imagery back then.

Feels good to get a copy of this into my collection and for a price that should see my family go without food for only a couple of days at the end of the month.

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