Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Weekend Nachos - Two Things At Once

The band with the silliest name yet the harshest music.

WN play a mix of fast hardcore and crawlingly slow doom/sludge. They quickly became a favourite when i heard them earlier in the year. What has become evident as I pick up more of their records is the jet-black humorous streak they've got going on. Displayed by album covers of pleasant waterfalls and LP inserts showing band members sniffing flowers aswell as .... well, we can get to that. 
This release came out a few weeks ago just after their latest LP and is a re-issue/combining of two of their out of print EP's.


The cover art isn't exactly spectacular, showing the covers from the two EP's in boxes, on a silver background.


Put out on Cowabunga Records. I grabbed this on red, limited to 100. There's also a black pressing available on a run of 900.


The Bleed side has the 2 track EP which was originally released on Relapse last year. Both tracks are around 6 minutes long and as a one off, they ditch the speed completely and come out with 2 long, continuous sludge beat-downs. In a good way. 
The real treat though is the other side, Torture. Originally released in 2005 on Tooth Decay and long out of print, it's been remastered and sounds even more chaotic and insane than before. Easily worth it just for that. Also worth it for the picture inside of one of the band trussed up in full bondage gear, alongside the others dressed in jeans and t-shirts.


Short straw maybe? I've covered him up with a Burning Love badge. This here is a family blog.

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