Thursday, 30 June 2011

Converge / Dropdead split 7"

Converge are a 4 piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts who have played a hugely influential role in ..... 
Wait a minuite. You know this right? Course you know this. Silly me.

This split with Dropdead was self released a few weeks ago to celebrate 20 years of Converge messing your shit right up.

It looks black right? It's actually the darkest red known to man. It's listed as a red/black swirl, but you can't really tell until you hold it up to the light, where it becomes a thing of beauty.


The artwork a classy affair and is handled by Jacob Bannon as per usual, similar in style to some Trap Them and New Lows cover art he's done recently.


2000 of this colour pressed.

While we're on about pressings, aside from this version sold by Deathwish and a green/black swirl sold by independent US record shop Armageddon there were a collectors nightmare of variants. 
On the run up to the 20th Anniversary Converge tour starting, a picture was posted by Deathwish showing the split in no less that 42 colours and with no word that these were even the full amount. It was reported that no 2 are the same, and these will only be available on tour. So right there and then every Converge vinyl completist died inside, and all the EBay flippers out there slept better that night than ever before.

The Converge track is standard Converge excellence, reminding me of You Fail Me era. Dropdead on the other side, I had never heard before, and considering that this is to celebrate their 20 year anniversary too, I guess thats a bit of an oversight on my part. Their track is excellent, balls out fast punk rock. I'll be checking out some more of their stuff, better late than never and all that. 

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