Thursday, 1 September 2011

Age Of Kali demo 2006 7"

Early 2004 to mid 2007 were my wilderness years from any new UK Hardcore. New hardcore from any country to to be honest. Through various circumstances my finger was way off the pulse. I was still listening to what hardcore I already had, but I was balls deep in straight up metal, doom and sludge bands. A bit of desert jam stoner stuff. And Led Zeppelin. I went nuts for the Zep for a while. New releases by a handful of hardcore bands that I already knew of I kept up with but new stuff from this time? Totally in the dark. Such as this, Age Of Kali.


Straight Edge Krishna-core by way of Margate, UK. Like so many UKHC bands, these were blink and you'll miss it. Featuring members of On Thin Ice & The Break In among others. This is the pre-order package that was put together. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I had no idea this was happening at the time, but Ebay has allowed me to make it look like I did. Put out on Rat Patrol Records, the pre-order had a special cover, a straight edge Ugly Kid Joe rip.


Hand numbered on the back out of 100, I got 67.


Pressed on clear, limited to 100. Curious cat-core labels.


Musically, this doesn't push any boundaries (the sleeve notes admit to it being "ripped off") but it was all put together in one night (the were vocals added later) so it's got a rugged, zero budget production and serves as a decent homage to a particular hardcore sound. And it's got a REALLY pissed off final track about people breaking edge.


Soon after this demo, vocalist Nate headed North to scream and shout for some band called Rot In Hell.

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