Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rot In Hell / Hordes split 7"

The fact of the matter is I probably spend more time than a sensible person should do pursuing rare Rot In Hell vinyl. Another fact of the matter is that rare Rot In Hell vinyl seems to be fetching crazy money lately. A test press of the Sins Of Malice demo recently went for £85. Which makes the £24 I spent on this seem small in comparison. Still, £24 for a 7" that only came out around 3 years ago is a lot I guess. Yes, it makes me a very silly boy but it also makes me happy. This is the split with Hordes, released on the deceased Rat Patrol Records. Only 100 of these pressed on red/black.


Ive been looking out for this or a while and haven't seen it up for sale for a long time. But now it's all mine. To put on my shelf.


RIH have 2 songs on here, one of their own and an Integrity cover, both of which I already own anyway (see? Silly...) but if you open the insert up looking for lyrics to their Integrity cover:


you'll find some good advice instead -


Hordes on the flip side I was really impressed by. I hadn't heard them before, they do an Entombed cover for their 2nd track so a lazy thing for me to do would be to say they reminded me of Entombed but they did. Solid, sort of sludgy, downtuned riffing. I liked it a lot. Apparently they've got an album out but I couldn't find it anywhere.


This marks the last RIH split that I didn't own any version of whatsoever. So now I can stop endlessly searching for more. Yeah right.

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