Friday, 30 September 2011

New Blogger beginnings, and Closure self titled 7" with alternate cover out of 33.

Welcome to my old new record collecting blog. I've just moved this over from Posterous where I used to host it. All my old posts are here, digitally remastered in places, some with extra content. I won't lie, moving it all over was a fucking effort and it has taken hours I'll never get back but it's been well worth it. So hello and welcome, now let's get back to business.

Closure are a brutal powerviolence band from Leeds, right here in merry olde England. This 7" kicks your arse with  supreme righteousness for 9 minutes like it ain't nothing. This originally came out a couple years ago but a few weeks back Thirty Days Of Night announced that another 33 copies were going up for sale with a different cover. I e-mailed Jamie at TDON and asked what the deal was (yeah I'm massively sad like that) and it turns out that originally these 33 turned up missing covers and have sat in a box for years. So I guess in between putting out more TDON T-shirts and pacing the room waiting for the boxes of Integ/RIH splits to turn up, a new cover was printed and they get to see the light of day. Instead of a dead body, we get a slightly less depressing picture of a filthy shithouse.

Pressed on what's been charmingly called 'Blood & Piss".

They sold out in about half an hour, so you can't have one but you can come here anytime you like and look at mine. A small individual run of 33 though and no hand numbering? Oh, the humanity.

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