Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Cult Of The Seven Crowns - Gehenna & Penetration Panthers

I picked up these two records separately over the last couple weeks but seeing as they're both part of The Cult Of The Seven Crowns it made sense to put them together. TCOTSC is a pretty large collective of bands that seem to stem from Gehenna, as members of Gehenna seem to crop up a lot throughout the releases. The other thing they share in common is that all the bands will fuck you up one way or another. Usually by being lo-fi, nasty and very heavy. One of the two records here though are an exception to The Cult that will just party all up in your face until you die. First up though, Gehenna's 'Upon The Gravehill' 12".


Apocalyptic cover art. Gehenna preach the apocalypse and the desolation of the human race so it serves the music perfectly. Released by King Of The Monsters records, pressed on blue and limited to 550. This is actually a re-press, the first press was on black I think.


The lyrics come on a big fold out sheet with the cover art on the back.


And the place where the credits and thanks list usually go see Gehenna on typically gracious form:


If you like your metal / hardcore raw and nasty, Gehenna are pretty much essential. As it says on the back cover 'the music of Gehenna isn't made to make people feel good.'
And secondly, the debut 7" by Penetration Panthers.



Released on A389 (have I ever mentioned how much I love A389? Seriosuly, the BEST hardcore label out there right now) on a 'clear and pink swirl' but is more of a clear with pink explosion. Looks great though. Limited to 300 copies. I forgot to add this on to an order I'm waiting on from A389 but turns out some dude in the UK was selling one on Ebay cause he didn't like it (that was pretty much his description on the listing). I missed the auction but Google showed me his ended listing, so i e-mailed him, offered him £3 and 2 days later it arrived.


Penetration Panthers have got DC from Gehenna in them. They play a dirty, old school 70's punk, high on the sleaze factor with a dash of pyschadelia and they're awesome. The demo of Lipstick & Leather was what I heard first, and its better than the version on here to be fair, its got female vocals and much more of a trippy buzz to it. But thats no complaint, this 7" has got a cool lo-fi sound, harsh and like everything is red-lining which makes my speakers wish they were playing something else. 

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