Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Deftones - Adrenaline

Deftones' first album is a stone cold classic from my younger days in a time when when Kerrang! magazine was the Bible and my biggest problem was making sure my dear old Mum didn't see the Parental Advisory sticker on the front of The Great Southern Trendkill. Originally released 16 years ago (fucking hell) on Maverick, this is the 180g repress released earlier this year.





I think I may have got into this album retrospectively after their second album Around The Fur came out in '97, but I can't remember. Too long ago. What I do know however is that now I'm thinking about it, it seems crazy to me that Deftones were lumped in with the whole nu-metal (shudder) and rap-metal (bigger shudder) lot. While Korn cried their eyes out, while Limp Bizkit had Method Man as a guest vocalist and while Coal Chamber dressed up like wankers, Deftones just got on with being subtle, cool as you like and writing one solid album after another. Long after all their 'contemporaries' fell off. They're a different class entirely. I guess I can see why, they were all part of a new breed of metal, but I can't listen to any of that toss anymore except Deftones. After their sixth album last year, they still feel and sound essential. Just like this record

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