Thursday, 22 September 2011

An early 2000's gem: Some Girls - The Rains 7"

Before recently going on to sing in gloom-core 80's esque synth band Cold Cave, Wes Eisold was in 2 bands during the golden early 2000's era of US hardcore. One of them was called (pre-legal dispute) American Nightmare and you might have heard of them. Ah, sarcasm.... The other one was this band, Some Girls.


Got this The Rains 7" as a surprise bargain on Ebay. Stuck a low bid on to spice up that 99p 1st bid and ended up winning it for a few quid. Released on Deathwish forever ago, this is from the first press on grey out of 497.


Or is it? The Deathwish pressing info lists that there was 497 on grey with light & dark variations. But 3 (yes, three) pressed on a white and grey marble. Now I don't know about you, but that looks white and grey marble-y.


I guess I'll never know for sure, and i highly doubt it is. But that's pretty cool if I got one out of only three made. This EP and The Blues EP went together along with some other tracks to form the All My Friends Are Going Death collection.
This record still sound immense too. No matter what band he's fronting nowadays, Wes will always be the guy standing in my parents kitchen in his underwear when American Nightmare slept over during their first tour. Showing me his Pulp tattoos while his clothes were in the washing machine and the rest of the band watched Hellfest videos in the front room. They probably don't remember, but as a youth, that pretty much made the year.

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