Friday, 26 August 2011

All Pigs Must Die - God Is War 12"

All Pigs Must Die are pissed off. Featuring Ben Koller (the drummer from Converge) on drums and Kevin Baker (vocalist from The Hope Conspiracy on ... er, vocals) it's super loud, huge riffed hardcore. Kurt Ballou produces, presumably inbetween producing every other hardcore album and it sounds amazing just like everything else recorded at God City. Their first EP was self released on their own Non-Believer label and it seemed to get positive reviews from just about everywhere. So for this second release, their first LP, they've jumped up to Southern Lord Records.

Artwork is by the always amazing Florian Bertmer and features the severed head of Jesus in front of an inverted cross.


It's presented in a thick gatefold jacket with more artwork and lyrics on the inside. Lovely thick cardboard.


Pressed on 180 gram clear, limited to 500.


 Everything about this release screams quality. The artwork, the 180 gram record, the weight of the packaging, the musicianship and the production. An awesome addition to the collection. Southern Lord dispacthed this pretty quickly too, which was cool seeing as some pre-orders seem to drag on forever. All good.

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