Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hatewaves - Taste The Beast

The 3 things i found about about this Hatewaves 7" just before I bought it were all I needed to know - 

1. It was released on A389 Records
2. It featured members of Pulling Teeth
3. It would sound a bit like Iron Lung.


I wasn't disappointed one bit. This is the pressing on good old fashioned black, although I have no idea how many were pressed on this or the clear version. I wish A389 had some sort of pressing info on their site but that would make them just too perfect. Seriously, i want to buy everything that they put their name to. So much cool stuff.


Blank flip side, the tracks on this are pretty short - 6 tracks in under 3 minutes. Really solid stop-start grind/pv influenced hardcore shenanigans.


The lyrics and subject matter are refreshingly weird and humorous so it sounds like it was a shit load of fun to make. It will always be cool to hear an NYHC style, gang vocal beatdown section ripping into 'Facebook Abusers'. They've got a new 5"coming out soon on A389 which will definitely be one to look out for.

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