Saturday, 20 August 2011

Nomos - Notes From The Acheron 12" and Demo 7"

I Got into Nomos after a mate sent me mp3's of their demo 7". God bless the Internet. I loved it but for some reason never thought to actually look into what else they'd got going on. They hail from Brooklyn, NY and play a kind of Infest influenced, fast, no bullshit hardcore, with a scuzzy punk influence in there too. Dark lyrics & rugged production, its good stuff. I was browsing for something else when I came across this 12" - Notes From The Acheron.


Pressed on purple wax, limited to 100 and with an etched B-side. I was powerless. Released on Deranged Records. The B-side is etched with a portion of the artwork.


Big ass fold out poster with the lyrics on the back. 


All artwork is by a dude called Vinnie Smith and it's trippy. I checked out his website, he's got some pretty cool stuff on there. Similar pieces to this Nomos art and photography of American counter-culture. And so in the name of completion, I also grabbed the aforementioned demo from the same store. Also on Deranged Records, on black out of 900. 



The place I got this from still has some of the 12" in stock. I wouldn't imagine it's many seeing as they were only out of 100 so get in there, you won't be disappointed. And it's UK shipping for all you local readers, so it won't cost an arm and a leg to get it posted.

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