Monday, 15 August 2011

Gehenna - The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness. Andthe split with Blind To Faith.

When is buying records more enjoyable than usual? When you're not paying for them...
These two were bought by way of a Deathwish voucher, given to me from my brother for my birthday a few weeks ago. Deathwish themselves had nothing that tickled my fancy so I tapped up their brilliant distro for two Gehenna releases on A389 Records.


The infamous Gehenna. Dark & chaotic Holy Terror style. Their War Of The Sons Of Light and The Suns Of Darkness LP is a collection of early cassette, split 7" and unreleased tracks all from around 94-95. All out of print since forever and kindly reissued by A389 on grey/red haze vinyl. More of a red with grey explosion, but still looks good. Limited to 200. 



I'm into the Medieval satanic end-times artwork. Suits it all perfectly. Gehenna in the early days had a reputation for intense and violent live shows, rumours of stabbings and all sorts. A lot of it is probably well constructed mystique but there aint no doubting that they're the real deal. And vocalist Mike Apocalypse (or Mike Cheese or a bunch of other names) certainly gives zero fucks in interviews.


Definatley a party i wouldn't want to go to. All the demons is one thing, but being force fed frogs? I'm out. No matter how well it may enlighten the path to wherever. This LP is raw and nasty and totally brilliant. And so with the rest of my Deathwish Dollars, i snapped up the Gehenna /  Blind To Faith split.


This came out last year. Now im no scaredy little girl, but the Gehenna tracks are terrifying. Raw production, oddly placed psychedelic lead guitar drenched in reverb and Mike's creature-from-hell vocals. Its pretty amazing.


Great artwork too by Szymon Siech. Blind To Faith on the B-side feature members of Rise & Fall and play a stripped back, pretty dark metal punk hybrid. They've got a full length out on Holy Terror Records which i've got iPod style and it's brilliant. Something else for the shopping list. This split pressed on a grey marble. I have no clue about pressing amounts but i'd imagine its somewhere in the hundreds.

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