Monday, 22 August 2011

End Reign 7"

The latest offering from the increasingly prolific and excellent Hemlock 13 , End Reign play heavy metallic hardcore and come from Durham in the North of England. Here in England everything is made from the colour grey, and its always raining. The wall of sound that ER have created on this 7" is a perfect musical accompaniment. Sounding a bit like Cursed on their 'Two' LP mixed with Trap Them on their 'Filth Rations' EP. I feel like the older I get, the more miserable and vicious I want my hardcore to get. This does both perfectly. If I was you reading that, i'd want a direct link to the H13 store so I could buy it. Ok then -

This was pressed on two colours, a black/blue mix out of 200 and green out of 300. 



This was actually a split release from H13, Witch Hunter Records, Holy Roar and FITA Records. That's a lot of record labels for one 7", but totally understandable for the costs involved in pressing a record. And this release, for a debut solo 7" from a new, young UKHC act looks incredible. I think its pretty cool how 4 labels have thrown in together to get a new band a quality release like this out. All artwork by the brilliant Give Up.


A screenprinted cover was made up for people who got in and ordered it early. And seeing as i pre-ordered this about 8 seconds after it went up, i got one.


A load of stickers, patches and a hand written thanks from Nate were in there too.


Worth mentioning here that the next release from Hemlock has just gone up on the site, the Unholy Majesty demo, which from what I've listened to is going to be pretty special. Dark, metallic Holy Terror influenced hardcore played by a bunch of veterans from South UK. Only 70 of them made, don't sleep on that one.

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