Sunday, 7 August 2011

Burning Love - demo 7" (twice) & Don't Ever Change 7"

I've had a lot of good stuff all come in at once lately, some of which I've been waiting on for months but I'm working through it. I first heard Burning Love at the end of 2010 when their debut LP 'Songs For Burning Lovers' started showing up on a few hardcore blogs best-of-the-year lists. In all honesty I didn't think that much to them. Fronted by ex-Cursed rager Chris Colohan, I was a bit disappointed and dismissed them after one listen. But like many times, i was completely fucking wrong. Over time I kept going back to that album and eventually it grew on me. So I'll say this - if you think you don't like Burning Love, you're entitled to your opinion, but your wrong. Hardcore punk with a rock & roll swagger, massive grooves, bigger riffs. So get on with enjoying them. And in my spirit of spending money on records that I missed totally when they came out first time for half the price, I picked up a copy of their demo.


Released originally on cassette in 2009, it was pressed to vinyl and released by Canadian label Deranged Records the year after. 100 pressed on yellow with a yellow cover.


There were also red and black pressings, each limited to 100 again and with a corresponding coloured cover. But let's go back in time. Before all this was pressed, Thirty Days Of Night released the demo 7" in 2009 for us UK types to coincide with a Burning Love European tour. And luckily, while I was in the market for this demo, one of these appeared on EBay.


Pressed on purple and limited to 250. With different centre labels


I got it for a bargain too, £2. Which I'm pretty sure would be cheaper than when TDON first released them.


And to round off this Burning Love 7" trilogy, a single lifted from the debut LP. The dude I bought the yellow demo off was selling this too, and it seemed rude not to.


Don't Ever Change on the A-side, with a Nick Cave cover Jack The Ripper on the B-side. Pressed on blue, limited to 250 and released on Deranged.


It's a different version of Don't Ever Change than what is on the album for some reason, production is a bit rougher. And the Nick Cave cover is awesome. Helped by the fact that Nick Cave is awesome anyway.

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