Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Adding tapes to my vinyl blog with FINAL RAGE - TOMBSTONE

From time to time I'll be posting up tapes that I'm into aswell. There's some cool releases and demos out there. Some on limited runs with a fair bit of effort put into them and too good to ignore. The first - Final Rage's 'Tombstone'. Released on Hemlock 13, (the label ran by recently-divorced-from Rot In Hell vocalist Nate) the line up of Final Rage on the H13 website reads like a South UKHC supergroup. Dudes from Wayfarer, On Thin Ice etc. You know it's gonna be good.
The tape itself looks cool as balls, white casing limited to 150, and a red H13 sticker. Artwork is great too, no nonsense stuff.


Hand numbered, I got number 55.


Final Rage play it loud and fast as fuck. Straight up no messing about hardcore, the songs are crisp and smash you in the head. Also inside the H13 stamped jiffy bag, stickers and a hand written thanks. I've got it on good authority that there's some great stuff coming up on H13. End Reign are releasing a 7" next, I've heard a couple of tracks off it and if you like having your soul sucked out, you're in for a treat. Get into it.


  1. i've now bought two records after reading your blog, and i'm sure you'll make more contributions to the already pretty large LP-shaped hole in my bank balance in the near future...not sure how i stumbled across you, but really enjoying your posts. cheers!ted.

  2. Thanks for the comment, nice to know you're enjoying it!

  3. i assume you've seen this video:

  4. haha yeah i saw that the other day, made me laugh. Its pretty spot on, and nice to know that even evil dictators get wound up about pre-orders and variants.