Saturday, 25 June 2011

Wayfarer - Letumus Cathari 7"

You might remember an early post where I moaned about this happening


A 0.67p loss in full effect.
Retail therapy was required and I did something I've been forgetting to do for far too long and went to Carry The Weight Records and bought Wayfarer's latest 7" - 'Letumus Cathari'.


300 of this pressed in total : 100 for CTW Records with this cover and a further 200 were available from 2 different labels Green Menace and Worship. 100 each with 2 different covers. Not usually too fussed with picture discs but this thing looks stunning.

I've mentioned Wayfarer on here before when they did a split with RIH, and if you have the slightest interest in hardcore, especially UK hardcore you need to get into it. Simple as that.

Epic songs, heavy as fuck. Really crisp and punchy sound. They use some pacing changes on these songs that make you need to floorpunch somebody's grandma. Seriously, do yourself a favour.
and buy one. I bet there ain't many left, and there ain't many other ways to spend £4.50 and get two 6 minute hardcore songs about the Albigensian Crusade is there? No, there isn't.

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